G’day Everyone,
I have been asked by our website guys to write a few details about my past experience and hope I don’t rabbit on too much.
I first started fishing in Port Philip and Western Port Bay with my father in his home built timber cabin cruiser which was about 50 years ago. This is where my interest in boats and fishing all began. I have been fishing in the Warrnambool and Port Fairy area since 1967. When I was a kid I built model boats and about 15 years ago I thought I’d make my model a bit bigger and built my first 12 metre jet powered catamaran and this was when we first started charter fishing in the area. Although the catamaran was a good boat, it was a little too lively in the Southern Ocean and made a few people crook. This is when I decided to make a much more comfortable and bigger 18m monohull SOUTHERN EXPLORER with the capacity to sleep 10 passengers, which we have at present.
I’ve always liked fishing and decided it’d be a good idea to make a living out of it. You can hardly call it work though. I also enjoy the different people that come on board, some are very good fisherman and others need a little bit of tuition. Having very good deckhands makes this side of it very easy.
Probably the most exciting type of fishing is tuna fishing. It all starts when you see birds diving on the horizon, this gets the adrenalin going. If birds are diving, then they are diving on bait fish and generally there are tuna underneath attacking the bait fish from below. Most times when you troll through these areas with the out riggers and lures set (hard body deep divers and skirted squid lures) , you can get one to eight hook ups. We had eight hook ups once and we managed to get all fish on board. The deckhands were very busy on this occasion, helping the other fisherman.
One of the more memorable occasions on our tuna trips was bringing up a 20kg tuna and suddenly the weight disappeared off the line and when we got the fish to the top, all that was left was the head and followed close behind was a 5m bronze whaler shark. I also enjoy deep sea fishing because you never know what you are going to catch. Especially in 400+ metres of water. One of the weirdest was a black shark with green eyes.
After all the years fishing in the area, I know many of the hot spots that are likely to catch fish. Especially in the 40m and 50m water depth range. We anchor most times in these areas and use burly to attract the fish. Deep sea fishing is becoming more and more popular and we are still discovering a lot of new areas in our amazing vessel. To learn more about our SeaKeeper gyro system please click here.
 Captain Barry has earned the following certifications:
  • Master 5 certificate
  • MED 2 engine drivers certificate
  • Marine Radio operators certificate of proficiency
  • First Aid Level 2
If you ever want to hit the water and let me show you around my favorite fishing spots then let me know and we can have a chat on 0429 983 112
To happy fishing!
Captain Barry Pender
Southern Explorer

Copyright: 2017 Southern Coast Charters

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