Full day on the sea delivers the goods


Sunday 22nd October 2017

Full Day Reef Fishing Charter


On Sunday we headed out for a full day of Reef Fishing. A full day charter allows us to head out deeper and explore the deeper reefs off Port Fairy & target some shark as well.

The deeper reefs are still producing good fish. We landed  Snapper to 53 cm, Gummies to 16 kg and some handy Nannygai. Providing lots of enjoyment for our group on board.

One unfortunate thing was one of the  gummies was full of pups, which were not far off being born naturally as they were very active, we managed to place all the pups into a bucket of sea water and release them into the ocean. They all swam off when released and we hope most of them made it safely back to the bottom. We were also disappointed to find that the Gummie Shark had picked up some litter and the contents of its stomach revealed an organge plastic netting. This certainly highlights the importance of fishing safely and not using things like orange netting to burley up.

Overnight fishing success
Pinkies on the bite for Bucks Party

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