Snapper on the bite = happy fisherman


Wednesday 15th November 2017

5 Hour Reef Fishng Charter


After a warm few days and with another nice morning forecast ahead of the rain, we headed out with a group of eager fishermen and their carers for a 5 hour reef fishing charter. We explored the shallower reefs closer to Port Fairy and with the sea warming up there are more snapper moving into shallower waters.

This made for a very relaxcing and exciting morning for all on board as they caught many Snapper. Good pan size snapper was caught with one double header.

The sea was perfect for the group and they returned to shore very satisfied with their mornings efforts. No doubt Snapper was on the menu last night!


Overnight fishing success


Overnight Fishing Charter

Sunday 5th November 2017


Keen to get some mates together and spend some time fishing and catching up? Then an overnight fishing charter is a great idea and thats exactly what the group of 6 mates from Melbourne did on Sunday-Monday!


With a great bunch of blokes we headed off from Port Fairy on Sunday morning and had an enjoyable couple of days on the water, spending overnight in a sheltered area.


With a South Easterly blowing, it made fishing very hard, although we did catch some very good fish, including Snapper, Rock Cod and a fine specimen of Rock Flathead.


The boys enjoying the roe cooked up in the evening, along with a hot meal that Mary Ann had supplied us & a glass or 2 of wine. Everyone slept well in our bunk rooms and was up to enjoy some more fishing on Monday morning.


It was also Decky Ian’s birthday and all devoured the cake whipped up by MaryAnn.


Full day on the sea delivers the goods


Sunday 22nd October 2017

Full Day Reef Fishing Charter


On Sunday we headed out for a full day of Reef Fishing. A full day charter allows us to head out deeper and explore the deeper reefs off Port Fairy & target some shark as well.

The deeper reefs are still producing good fish. We landed  Snapper to 53 cm, Gummies to 16 kg and some handy Nannygai. Providing lots of enjoyment for our group on board.

One unfortunate thing was one of the  gummies was full of pups, which were not far off being born naturally as they were very active, we managed to place all the pups into a bucket of sea water and release them into the ocean. They all swam off when released and we hope most of them made it safely back to the bottom. We were also disappointed to find that the Gummie Shark had picked up some litter and the contents of its stomach revealed an organge plastic netting. This certainly highlights the importance of fishing safely and not using things like orange netting to burley up.

Pinkies on the bite for Bucks Party


Saturday 21st October 2017

Half Day Reef Fishing Charter

On Saturday we headed out for a 5 hour reef fishing charter to celebrate the upcoming nuptuals of Adrian. Although the sea was not perfect Adrian and his Bucks Party mates had a good time on the water.

We hooked onto many snapper and although they were not big they kept the boys entertained.

We also snagged a Sea Gull which we had to retrieve after it became tangled in one of the lines.

Thanks for joining us for your Bucks Party guys and best wishes for your upcoming wedding.

Bumper day on the water for the Crew!


Tuesday 12th Sepetmeber

Reef Fishing


The crew treated themselves today and took advantage of some good weather and headed out to have a fish for themselves - something they don't get the opoortunity to do when on Charters. They were not disappointed with what the day delivered!

Ian started off with a 53cm Snapper (a personal best) while skipper Barry started with a 29 kg School Shark. The action continued for the day, with the guys reeling in many snapper and school shark. We also brought up 2 big Seven Gill Sharks which were released. Jason - our Shark king, struggled a bit today, maintaining he didn’t want to show up the skipper.


Fishing is exceptional at the moment and there is plenty of action to be had. Join us for an action packed fishing charter - you won't be disappointed.

Give Mary Ann a call on 0429 983 112 or 55983112 - don't delay!


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