Once a month we conduct a Bird Watching Tour in conjunction with the Port Fairy Pelagic Tours and bookings for these tours can be made by visiting Birdswing Birding and Wildlife Tours 

Birdswing Birding & Wildlife Tours

Your guide is dedicated birdwatcher and naturalist Neil Macumber. Neil's extensive knowledge of Australian birds and wildlife has been gathered over many years of travel and working as a guide. Neil has explored all parts of the continent seeing over 740 species of birds and 150 mammals. You will find Neil very approachable. Whether you are an experienced birdwatcher or a relatively new comer in the field, you will have a memorable trip.

Neil was born and raised in Melbourne. At an early age he had a great interest in natural history encouraged by his parents. Neil's passion for birds increased dramatically in the 1980's when he was able to dedicate time to increase his bird list. He spent many a happy rostered day off at the Werribee sewage farm. Neil's interest and commitment to the environment is demonstrated through his active membership to Landcare, Bird Life Australia, Victorian Wetlands Network, Friends of Grampians Gariwerd (FOGG), Australian Plants Society (presently the President of the Grampians APS)and Mammal Survey Group of Victoria Inc.

Neil is an experienced tour guide able to ensure all tour participants in his care enjoy the whole wildlife experience from seeing the targeted species, accommodation, travel arrangements and food. Neil is able to provide interesting facts and commentary on birds, fauna and flora of Australia.


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