King Island Fishing Adventure doesn't disappoint!


King Island Adventure Fishing Charter - 3 day

8th-11th March 2018


Another fantastic adventure to King Island with a group of seven great blokes keen to fish off King Island.

We boarded the Southern Explorer in Port Fairy on Thursday evening and travelled overnight to the waters off King Island. The group were able to sleep the night away in our comfortable bunk rooms while we travelled.

1st Day Fishing -  saw us fishing out wide off the island, catching some more lovely Tassie Striped Trumpeter, School Shark and Gummy Shark, along with plenty of Jackass Morwong and Rock Cod.

Prior to anchoring up, the boys went for a dive and retrieved a solid crayfish. In the evening we anchored in Quarantine Bay for a relaxing time.

2nd Day Fishing - we headed off to our Flathead grounds and were rewarded with plenty of good Flathead. After lunch we headed out for some Snapper and on the way, we had a bit of fun with a large school of Salmon. Snapper were up to 54 cm along with big Rock Flathead. In the evening we anchored in sheltered waters off New Year Island and enjoyed the sunset along with some refreshing drinks.

While we were at King Island the weather was brilliant, fishing around the island made for a very special time.

We returned back to Port Fairy on Sunday afternoon. Everyone agreed that it had be a fantastic trip, with plenty of fish and good company!

Our Next King Island Fishing Charter is coming up in May. There are some spots available for our next four day trip to King Island : Departing Thursday 9pm 10th-14th May. Contact Mary Ann 0429983112 or 55983112 to find out more info and secure your place on board. you won't be disappointed! 

5hr Reef Charter delivers an evening meal!


Saturday 3rd March 2018

5hr Reef Fishing Charter


On Saturday we headed out off Port Fairy on a 5hour Reef Fishing Charter. With smooth seas, we had a good morning on the snapper with fish to 49cm along with Nannygai and Flathead.

Robert’s group were concentrating on the fishing as they were hoping to bring back a meal for 17 that night. What better to enjoy freshly caught fish that is appreciated.

Adrian & Lisa fished well with the only flathead and one of the biggest snapper, along with a few more.

Thank you for joining us on the Southern Explorer!


Bumper Trip to King Island


Thursday 1st February - Wednesday 7th February

King Island Adventure Fishing Charter

King Island turned it on for us this trip with Greg & Michael and John & Wendy, assisted by deckies Ian & Jason, on board. Below are some highlights from our very successful and enjoyable trip!

Day 1: Departing from Port Fairy on Thursday we travelled to Apollo Bay, where we spent the night, picked up the final 2 passengers and then headed to King Island on Friday morning.

Day 2: On arrival at the top of the island good sized flathead were mainly caught.

Day 3: The group explored the island with Matthew Archer ( King Island Coach & Bus Company) calling in on King Island Cheese Tasting, Cape Wickham Lighthouse and various spots of interest.

Day 4:  While Wendy explored the Southern part of the island, the others jumped back onboard the Southern Explorer and went out wider. We bagged out on Gummy and School Shark as well as some Jackass Morwong and Nannygai. Going out deeper we caught some beautiful Striped Tassie Trumpter up to 10kg.

Day 5: With everyone back on board we ventured from Grassy Harbour and went up the West side of the Island, catching and releasing small Gummys and more Flathead. Overnight we anchored up in sheltered Quarantine Bay.

Day 6: In the morning before heading back to Port Fairy, we trolled for Kingfish, but ended up bagging out on Tuna which included a 4 way hook up, along with plenty of big Salmon. Bottom Bouncing for Snapper produced some good fish. After midday on the way back we hooked a 39kg Tuna, which topped off a fantastic trip to King Island.

The passengers will be eating fish for a long time, taking home full eskies.

We managed to find good areas to fish,using different parts of the island depending on prevailing winds.

A big thankyou to Ian & Jason for their assistances during the entire trip and to Anita for keeping everyone informed of the fishing events from day to day on Facebook.


If you would like to experience the fishing and sights of King Island be sure to give Mary Ann a call to enquire about our next trip ph:0429983112 or 55983112 - an experience not to be missed. Charters can be tailored to suit your needs. More information on the different options is available here

Yambuk Angling Club day out on the water


Saturday 10th February 2018

5 Hour Reef Fishing Charter


Yesterday we headed out on a reef fishing charter with a great bunch of blokes and one girl from Yambuk Angling Club.

We headed out for a 5 hour Reef Charter of Port Fairy in perfect seas. Although fishing was slow everyone had a relaxing time on the water, catching snapper and flathead.

Thanks for joining us Yambuk Angling Club!

The Southern Explorer is the perfect spot to head out on a group function. We can take up to 23 people onboard, rotating through the rods so everyone gets a chance to have a fish!



Kids shine of Reef Fishing Charter


Saturday 27th January 2018

5 HourReef Fishing Charter


With a mixed group of parents and kids we headed out on Saturday morning for a 5 hour reef fishing charter off Port Fairy. Exploring the shallower reefs closer to Port Fairy fishing was slow with the snapper but was made up for with good numbers of flathead being caught.

As can be seen from the photos the kids were gun fishermen and had a great time reeling in fish. Some good feeds of Fish and Chips are ahead!

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